Accointing is an all-in-one solution that allows you to track, manage, and report your transaction from one single platform. Accointing is a multi-tool platform with:

  • Great user experience available in desktop, Android and iOS
  • Amazing customer support through different channels: emails, Telegram, website or even through the phone
  • The most affordable platform in the market (on cost per transaction ratio).

Accointing allows you to add more than 300 wallets and exchanges to your portfolio dashboard and app. With Accointing you'll get free access to over 15 free features between app and desktop:


1. Portfolio Overview Assistant

2. Holding Period Visualizer

3. Transaction Classification

4. Consolidated Full Data History Export

5. Import all your transactions for Portfolio Tracking

6. Direct connection to some Exchanges (Coinbase & Uphold)

7. Total Gains Page

8. 365-day license with unlimited tax reporting (print as many reports as you want)


1. Portfolio Tracking 

2. Price Alerts 

3. Candle-stick bar chart

4. Market watchlist

5. Per token PnL

6. Per wallet and exchange transaction history (deposits and withdrawals)

7. Individual Token Performance

and much more