You can upload 4 types of data formats to

  • Exchange API
  • Wallet address or Xpub
  • CSV upload
  • Manual input

Once all your data has been imported, will allow you to undergo a Review process of your overall balance, determining:

1. The naming of Unknown Currencies: proper identification of tokens for their cost basis or to remove them from the overall balance

2. Internal Classification of Transactions: transactions automatically imported via API can be identified by However, those coming from your CSV files need to be approved and reviewed by the author of those transactions as internal transfers to guarantee that no other transaction classifications apply.

3. Classification of Transfers: for tax reasons, it is important to determine the classification of your trades. Hence, you'll be able to, by single or by bulk-classification, specify each trades type using several filters like:

  • exchange
  • currency
  • date
  • deposit/withdrawal
  • search bar

4. Missing funds: for any pending balances, allows you to reconcile those funds and balance of your pending funds per exchange or wallet.