Market cap:
Capitalization of the price of cryptocurrency. This is one way to rank relative dimension of cryptocurencies

24h Vol:
Indicating the cryptocurrency amount that got traded on all the exchanges in a specific time frame

Bitcoin dominance:
Measures total market cap of cryptocurrency comprised of Bitcoin

Top 100:
top 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest price

Transaction history:
All buy and sell dates including source and price of all transactions over time

The purchase of new cryptocurrency including buying date, cost basis, and source

The amount invested in cryptocurrency including sell date, cost basis, and source.

Unknown address:
An address which the platform was unable to determine its source (CSV import)

Transfer of a monetary claim that is acceptable by the payee

The current monetary value of a cryptocurrency

It is the total worth of your cryptocurrency based on the current market price and the amount in possession

Time periods (30d, 90d, 6m, 1y, all):
Specific time frames in which the variations of the price of the different cryptocurrencies can be analyzed in the ACCOINTING platform

Current amount of cryptocurrency that is currently owned by the user in different wallets and exchanges

Total value:
The absolute worth of the user’s portfolio

Total amount:
Quantity of each cryptocurrency owned by the user

24h Value Change:
Difference between the current price as well as the price in 24 hours

Summarizing the revenues and expenses incurred in this period usually a fiscal quarter

It refers to the price upon which a cryptocurrency opens at a particular time period.

It refers to the price upon which a cryptocurrency closes at a particular time period.

The highest value at a particular time.

All-Time-High – The maximum point or value of the cryptocurrency in history.

Lowest value at a particular date. ATL - All-Time-Low – The lowest point or value of the cryptocurrency in history.

The sum of all the values of a cryptocurrency divided by all the sets in a defined time period

Numerical variation incurred in price fluctuation of a cryptocurrency