If doesn’t currently support a currency, you’ll be able to identify it here. This way, you can correct some of your pending balances in your Full Data Set. If we currently don’t support it, you can contact us via your Settings page or at

IDENTIFY INTERNALS needs to verify your transactions and understand their proper classifications. One this screen, you can organize your transactions accordingly, showcasing those movements, including fees, amongst your different exchanges/wallets


Depending on your country’s jurisdiction, different trades might have different tax implications. Make sure you classify your trades and transactions accordingly to optimize your tax report. will provide you with all the necessary guidelines to help you with the classification process.


You might need to add funds manually due to unbalanced transactions. This is usually due to exchanges not providing all the necessary information. The Missing Funds page lets you add data manually to the full data set. Alternatively, you can click on Fix me, and we will generate transactions for you to match the difference.


The Full Data Set will help you get a complete overview of all your transactions, trades, and fees. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the type of transactions that you’d like to have a clearer picture of regarding the transaction history.

  2. You can manually add transactions with the New button.

  3. Select one or more transactions if you wish to duplicate or eliminate from your history.

  4. Classify your transactions accordingly