If you are wondering why the values of the graph and the total value don't match, check out this article.

1. General Market Data

Market Cap

Global capitalization of the crypto market

24h Vol

The total volume of transactions in the last 24h

BTC Dominance

Bitcoin share for the market cap

Total Value

Actual portfolio value

24h Value Change

Portfolio change for the last 24h

24h % Change

Portfolio change for the previous 24h represented in percentage

2. Portfolio Summary and competititve chart


Look at your overall portfolio value and the performance of each asset in a chart.

You can click on the (>>) button to expand your graph. Furthermore, if you click on one coin only, you can see the buy and sell points.


It shows you the market price and your buys and sells of the selected asset based on coinmarketcap.com.

Net Profits

Let’s you analyze your historical realized + unrealized profits, but be aware: this number may be higher than your current holdings because of cashouts, and it doesn’t consider refunds.

3. Cryptoassets Balance


Show coin abbreviation and your amount

Price/24h change

Show the actual price and 24h % change

Value/24h change

Show your total value and the 24h change from this

Average purchase price

This price is calculated depending on your tax method selected on Settings. If you want to learn how it works, check the Crypto Tax Guide.


It’s a mini graph describing your profit (green) or loss (red) for each coin, allowing you to determine which currency are performing better

Loss/Profit Value

It’s your unrealized gain for each coin. The percentage represents the change of your initial trade and the current value