Review Button The review button lets you troubleshoot your portfolio and organize all transactions to facilitate your tax reporting and your finances. If your trades need to be reviewed, it’ll appear a red dot on the button.

Unknown Currencies

When doesn’t recognize the cryptocurrency you’re using, you need to tag them manually based on the internal database as a reference. It happens for new tokens or projects that aren’t serious.

Identify Internals

This section is applicable when you transfer cryptocurrency from one of your Exchanges or wallets to another, but Accointing doesn’t recognize these transactions. You have to connect both of your wallets on your profile in order to detect internals; make sure you have all your accounts linked to your profile! Also make sure date, time (withdrawal and deposit within 6h) and value (max. 5% difference) matches. Troubleshooting

Classify Transfers

In this section, you can classify your deposits and withdrawals to make a reliable Tax report; order transactions don’t need this classification type. Be sure to categorize them properly because, depending on where you are living, classifications may impact more or less your taxes. You can check what it means for each category by clicking on the “+” buttons.

Missing Funds

When an Exchange or wallet reports a different balance regarding due to some trades that aren’t considered in the API connection, this can be challenging if you don’t know where the mistake is because you have to check your full data set to identify it. But no worries, you can select “Fix for me” to do this automatically; however, consider it as the last resource because it creates transactions to balance your portfolio that may not represent the actual missing fund.